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“Not everybody enjoys writing.
Yet, everybody needs words.”

If you want copywriting that works don’t just settle for anybody with a word processor.

Think about the large, impartial audience whom you must win over quickly and decisively. Your copywriting must convince them to respond positively to your offer.

Seems like a daunting task for you? That’s what we are here for.

At OmniaScribes, we work for the challenge. We write over and over, and over again until our clients get what they are looking for.




“If it needs words, we can do it.”

The increasing number of online options have rendered today’s audience more capricious than before.

Consequently, capturing their attention would take a comprehensive effort, a seamless combination of copywriting and various different elements.

Leave it to us to entertain the readers with simple yet effective content. We will shape the copy work to complement the design and functionality to ensure the message gets to the visitors of your website.



Why Use a Copywriter?

Writing good and coherent sentences is a hard work. Now, imagine creating a whole content that appeals to your target audience and inspires them to take action.

This requires a point of view, style, and use of effective wording, to name a few. Getting your audience to listen and to respond to you is a crafty copywriting effort.

Copywriting is not common writing. It’s just painstakingly put together to look and sound like one. Writing each copy is like manufacturing a new sales machine. The production line is long and arduous. But if it’s done properly you’ll reap the reward.


Copywriting Services

SEO-optimized website content

Fact checking and cross checking

Blog posts



Scripts (movies, speeches, etc.)

Brochure content



Social Networking

Web content

Press Releases

Proof Reading



Academic writing

Technical writing



How We Work

Initial Consultation

To initiate things, we’ll need as much information from the client as possible. We’ll need to do an interview, even. We can do this through email, Skype, or face-to-face.


We prepare a summary of the interview to make sure we have all pertinent information. The clients can review it and make further comment.

Cost and Time Estimate

In order to reach an agreement, we’ll pitch an estimate for both cost and time to the client. Clean-cut and legible, the client will be able to remove, add and splice details from this agreement as needed.

Work Contract

Once we’ve come to an agreement, we finalize the order and draft the contracts with invoices and the terms and conditions.

Down Payment

All clients please be advised that we will require a down payment of 50% of the total price.



Material Gathering

Before the quill touches the page, we need data to draw on. For major publications, writers of copy and content would work closely with the art director. In our case, we have to rely on info from our clients.

Either we research extensively (Wikipedia, cross-referenced with another content) or the client supplies us with the source information. Keyword research, for SEO-purposes, begins!

First Draft

With Omnia Scribes, it’s hard to say how many crumpled papers we will go through to arrive at the first draft; we would never deliver anything we don’t fully believe in. This is always done within time constraints, of course. We only send the client a first draft when it’s ready for publication, calling it ‘first draft’ in the off chance it will need revisions. We’ll have already done the necessary fact-checking and cross-referencing; oftentimes all that’s left is some minor rewording.


Even if the client is completely satisfied with the first draft we’re likely to offer them a second one that differs in tone and style, as an option. If more thorough revision is necessary, we go back to the drawing board and rethink the basic structure of it all.

Second Draft

If the first draft wasn’t satisfactory, the second draft is written according to the client’s suggestions -or as a simple, optional re-styling.


The client has one last chance to give us feedback to help shape the final draft.


We polish the final draft into edited, clean, publishable content. Copy sometimes requires maintenance for optimal results on search engines –as often as once a month.


We send the client the final invoice for the remaining 50% of the total price.





Final Copy

After receiving payment, we deliver our work in a fully editable format, shared online or sent by email.

Client Comment

Lastly, we’d love to know how you feel about your collaboration with Omnia Scribes.


1. Wellness Way

An online magazine guiding its readers on the path to a fashionable yet spiritual lifestyle.

Gathering nearly a thousand views per day, Wellness Way has been valued at more than USD3000$ after only a couple of month online.

Our work:

Omnia Scribes regularly delivers short or featured articles on topics spreading from alternative wellness to beautiful tech.

“The Scribes tend to over-deliver. Whatever we commission them, their researches are always exhaustive and they find the right tone to deliver their results. They deliver on time, too.”

~ Patricea Chow, Founder, Wellness Way


2. Any.sh

A web-based social network platform to launch community-based social hubs. In a glance, Any.sh looks and feels like social networking websites such as Facebook or LinkedIn. There’s a twist though, and you might want to see Any.sh by yourself to learn what it’s all about.

Our work:

The entire content.

“They understand what we need, and output what we need. At first I was actually surprised by their IT oriented writings. They sure do their home works well!”

~ Roberto Capodieci, Founder, Any.sh


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